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Hank Johnson’s Wake Up Call To America

Sometimes I sit back in my favorite chair on the deck, look out at this wonderful creation and think how great God is. Then I think about guys like Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia and wonder what God was thinking when he set the parameters of stupidity when he created mankind. Early last year the Hankster was addressing Admiral Robert Willard, Commander of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, in an Armed Services Committee hearing about continued funding for the tiny island of Guam.

During his rambling diatribe Rep. Johnson actually asked the admiral if too many soldiers on the island might make the island top heavy and cause it to capsize.  For those in Hanks district that means to turn upside down in the water.  In perfect form the top sailor responded, “We don’t anticipate that.”


Really?  Hank thinks an island can capsize?  On the surface we can all laugh at how a United States Congressman sitting on the prestigious Armed Services Committee is so incompetent that he actually believes islands float.  Some of us might even have some fun with Hank by suggesting we can save on the defense budget by simply installing engines and rudders on small islands like Guam, Tortola and Aruba instead of spending billions on new warships.  After all, if they float they can move.  Right Hank? Hank might even draw up legislation to commission the Canary Islands as the new North Atlantic Fleet.  With a couple of beers and some old college buddies I could go on for hours at the expense of Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia.

I begin to get scared when I come to the realization that Rep. Hank Johnson was elected to Congress by the majority of voters in his district.  This means enough people liked ol’ Hank and thought he would make a pretty good representative for them.  We can giggle at an individual’s ignorance and have a few belly laughs at an ill-bred remark like Hank’s suggestion that Guam could possibly capsize.  But when we consider the fact that entire towns, counties and regions in Hank’s Georgia district don’t understand why we are laughing at him,  suddenly the belly laughs fade and we begin to consider the bone chilling reality that there may be millions of people who believe islands are natural barges filled with dirt.  Then, I really get scared when I begin to think of some of the other statements made by America’s leaders.   I start to wonder if Obama really thinks we have 57 states or if Joe Biden really thinks the word “jobs” has three letters?   Or, did Bush actually believe he could abandon free market principles in order to save the free market? I can’t help but make a judgment about the intelligence capacity of the people we put in office.  These are the people at the helm of the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons!

How can people so incompetent get elected to high office?  Too many people have mindlessly attached themselves to a personality or a social agenda without giving it any responsible thought. They give their money to someone who tells them the polar bears are dying without checking the facts.  They buy expensive, inefficient electric cars because Al Gore wants them limited to a fraction of the carbon footprint he produces with his polluting jets and mansions.  They believe Nancy Pelosi when she says new higher taxes together with greater unemployment benefits are just what the country needs to solve the unemployment crisis – and she is taken seriously.  The great reward of a strong democratic republic is the freedom and economic success it is capable of, but the great tragedy of a democratic republic is the same people who can produce success can also continue to elect morons who fear Guam might capsize if too many people live on it.

It seems like the only things Americans really feel are important are their stuff, reality TV and broadcast sports.  Life  got so good in America we learned to abdicate critical thinking to Rush Limbaugh on the right and Colbert on the left.  We parrot what they say instead of manufacturing a single independent thought our own.  As a result ol’ Hank found his way to Congress.  It is time to return to the practice of questioning everything again. Even Christ told the Bereans to verify what he told them with the scriptures. If it is good enough for Christ, heck, it should be good enough for us.  An election is coming in a year, folks.  Wake up America and smell the floating islands before one capsizes right on top of you.


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